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April 12, 2014 – 7 Keys to Creativity

with David Smith

Creativity brings joy and meaning to our lives and yet it remains mysterious.  Where does creativity lie?  How can we enter “the zone” when we want to?  Why do we become blocked?  What gets us unstuck?

We will explore seven “keys” to creativity to help us receive more joy from this most unique of human qualities.  Celebrate playfulness.  Manage performance expectations.  Share experiences with others.  Develop a personal routine.  Learn to clear a space for curiosity.

Participants should bring a notebook and pen.


David Smith is a Certified Focusing Professional and a certified coach with the Creativity Coaching Association.  Through his coaching practice at, he combines these backgrounds to support creatives of all kinds from professional to kitchen-table beginner.  David is a published playwright, has written for New York children’s television, and has won awards for his work for both stage and commercial video.

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