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Sept 27, 2014 – Introduction to Focusing: A Mind-Body Approach to Self Understanding, Acceptance and Growth

with Cathy Cornell, LICSW and Judith Stein, PhD

Saturday, September 27, 2014, 2-5PM
Location: At the Arlington Center, 369 Massachusetts Ave. Arlington, MA
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Focusing is a gentle, compassionate and non-judgmental way of giving attention to your inner experience. By following a series of steps, focusing helps us to tap into our natural abilities and resources to find a way to accept our reality, gain a health perspective on our problems and grow and change in ways that we desire.

This 3-hour workshop will give you the basics of Focusing. You will have opportunities to practice the Focusing process and get familiar with “felt sensing.” You will be able to explore how you might use this process to make change in your life, find what is truly alive for you, deepen your understanding or relieve some stress. We will use experiential exercises and didactic teaching and include time for discussing and sharing.

The workshop is for those new to Focusing as well as those who have had some experience.

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