Focusing New England

Promoting focusing, listening, and personal growth in the New England area


Joan Klagsbrun

Joan Klagsbrun, Ph.D.

Certified Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapist and Coordinator
Watertown, MA

Level of Trainings available: Beginner through Coordinator
Sessions by phone: Y                Sessions in-person: Y

Services: I offer all levels of training from beginner to certified Focusing Trainer or Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapist. I offer workshops in Focusing for mental health and health care providers. I also offer guided Focusing sessions by telephone and in person. Additionally I have a private practice in psychotherapy for individuals and couples.

Kelley Bothe, LICSW, DCSW

Certified Focusing Trainer and Psychotherapist
Wellesley and Concord, MA

Levels of Training available: Level One

Sessions by phone: Y        Sessions in-person: Y

Services: I love bringing the Focusing principles of self-compassion and mindfulness to my work as a psychotherapist and teaching my clients to do the same.  After 25 years working with individuals, and in the last 12 years, running divorce support groups, I have great respect for the therapeutic process and the capacity of individuals to know themselves more deeply, to heal, and to grow.

Cathy Cornell, LICSW, CFT

Focusing Trainer
Wellesley, MA

Sessions by phone: Y                Sessions in-person: Y

Services: I believe psychotherapy is a creative conversation that moves you in the direction of health, happiness and greater meaning in life. It can open up the potential for growth that already exists within you. I offer individual and couples therapy with a Focusing orientation for adults and adolescents, and individual Focusing training.

Susan Lennox, Ph.D.

Certified Focusing Trainer & Certifying Coordinator
Growing Edge Focusing and Coaching
Recently Relocated to Colorado
Phone: 617-957-0798

Level of Trainings available: `Beginner through CoordinatorSessions by phone: Y               Sessions in-person: Y

Services: Through my private practice, Growing Edge Focusing and Coaching, I offer one-on-one life and executive coaching, as well as individual and group Focusing classes at all levels from beginner through certification as a Focusing trainer or professional. I also offer individual guided Focusing sessions by phone or in person.  Having trained in Internal Family Systems, my approach is informed by a sensitivity to the parts of the inner self.

 Andrew Fieleke, MA, LMHC

Certified Focusing Oriented Therapist
Lexington, Arlington, Boston
Phone: 781-354-0267
Sessions by phone: Y              Sessions in person: Y

Services: Adjustment to life transitions, grief and loss, spirituality and existential concerns, relationship issues, trauma recovery, anxiety, depression, “feeling stuck”, mindfulness, mind-body treatments, dreams, “parts work”, CBT.

  Sophie Glikson, MA, LMHC, CET

Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapist
Psychotherapy and Creative Medicine
Medford, MA

Sessions by phone: Y              Sessions in person: Y

Services:  I offer “Psychotherapy and Creative Medicine” to adults and children, integrating the Focusing approach in combination with the healing power of the Arts, which is medicine for the soul.  One of my passions is to provide the opportunity for a safe and sacred space to invite and engage the creative intelligence in the service of health, integrity, and peace.  I accept HP, UBH, and BCBS insurance plans.

Margaret A. Herrick, MHA, CFT, CSD

Certified Focusing Trainer
Greater Boston & North Shore
31 Cloutsmans Lane, Marblehead, MA 01945

Sessions by phone: Y              Sessions in person: Y

Services:  Bringing the power of Focusing to everyday life. Special programs on breaking through action blocks, deepening spirituality, developing a practice of gratitude.


  David Smith, M.Ed.

Certified Focusing Professional
Concord, MA

Sessions by phone: Y              Sessions in person: Y

Services:  Finish your novel, set up your easel, find your authentic voice!  I offer creativity coaching enhanced by Focusing techniques to writers and other creatives – professional to amateur – painter to poet.  Together we will arrange for a comfortable combination of email, telephone, and face-to-face sessions to soften action blocks, clarify goals, and celebrate milestones.  Give shape to your memoir, commit to a morning practice, solve the second act of your screenplay!

Roberta H. Whitney, MA

Certified Focusing Professional and Coordinator-in-Training
Arlington &  Andover, MA

Level of Trainings available: Beginner through Focusing Professional/Trainer
Sessions by phone: Y                     Sessions in-person: Y

Services:  I teach Focusing both to those seeking to develop a personal practice and those seeking mastery of skills toward teaching others. I offer individual Focusing sessions by phone or in-person to support you at any stage of life in work, at choice points and in relationships. Sessions may combine Meditation; Breath Work, Energy Work, Movement or Journaling with Focusing.