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Answers to Frequently Asked Question (FAQS)

How Do I Learn and Practice Focusing?

Can I Focus alone or do I need a companion?
Focusing can be done alone or with a partner.

Will Changes Groups Teach me Focusing?
Changes Groups in your area provide an excellent venue to learn basic Focusing skills and become confident in using those skills. Changes gatherings also provide you with an opportunity to meet others with whom you might like to Focus and to hear about training opportunities and Focusing events in your area.

How Do I learn to Focus beyond an Introductory level?
Focusing is best taught by certified Focusing professionals in one-on-one or  group settings [link to Directory]. Certified trainers will systematically walk you through the steps and practices so you gain confidence in your ability to Focus alone or with a partner.

Changes Groups

How can I get involved in my local Changes Group?

Changes Groups have varied structures and opportunities for participation. Please contact the Changes Group nearest to you to see how you can become involved.

Professional Training

NOTE: Professional training teaches Focusing to individuals who want to develop a personal practice as well as those interested in mastering skills toward teaching others.

What is the difference between a Focusing Trainer, Focusing Professional and  Focusing Oriented Therapist?

Focusing is used both in psychotherapy and in a wide variety of non-clinical settings, including community wellness programs, coaching, as an enhancement to other body work modalities, in schools, in theory development, and many, many more applications. Focusing-oriented therapists use Focusing in their work with their psychotherapy clients and often integrate it with other therapeutic tools and approaches. Only licensed psychotherapists may hold the title of Focusing-oriented therapists. Individuals who hold the title of Focusing Trainer or Focusing Professional are qualified to teach Focusing and integrate it with other non-clinical practices.

How do I get certified as a Focusing Trainer or Focusing Professional so I can teach others?

Connect with a Certifying Coordinator in your area [via the directory] to see what he/she offers. Many certification programs involve a series of levels so that you gain confidence with different skills and deepen your personal practice. Additional requirements may apply.

How do I get certified to use Focusing in my Psychotherapy Practice?

There is a certification training group in the New England area. Please contact Joan Klagsbrun for further information (