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Promoting focusing, listening, and personal growth in the New England area

Learn Focusing

If I had a magic wand to my inner domain, would I want to go there? How would I find my way? What would I find… and, well, how would it change my life?

Focusing is a 40-year-old practice that connects you to a deep river of life energy through the doorway of the body. Founded on a sophisticated yet simple philosophy by Eugene Gendlin, the process aligns with many ancient teachings and yet meets us where we are today.

  • Pointing us inward to the body as guide to mind and emotions
  • Giving concrete steps with which we can develop a practice
  • Orienting us like Ariadne’s thread to find our way into the deepest knowing, desires and actions wanting… and to take the preciousness from these back into the world and into our lives.

Give yourself a personal, introductory experience with Focusing. Open your body-mind and find wisdom unfolding ‘beneath’ daily operative levels, a wisdom that can lead you to peace of mind, clarity with decisions and a fuller sense of yourself. The beginnings to a practice you can use every day. 

Roberta Whitney is a teacher, Spiritual Director and healer. Her education includes a Masters of Arts degree from the University of Denver and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Smith College. Integrating knowledge gained in the past decade through myriad studies and certification as a Focusing Professional, she offers unique wholebody approaches to health and well-being.