Focusing New England

Promoting focusing, listening, and personal growth in the New England area

Professional Training


The Focusing Institute offers training certification for individuals who want to learn to teach Focusing to others. Trainings include experiential and didactic learning. Length of training will be specific to the program you choose and generally extends over 1-2 years. There are two major routes to certification – one for Focusing Oriented Therapists and the other for Focusing Professionals, like spiritual directors, artists, body workers, educators and business professionals.

Certifying as a Focusing Oriented Therapist

Focusing–oriented therapists have specific training in Focusing and are certified through the Focusing Institute. They listen in a fully present and non-judgmental way, with an inward bodily attention, teaching their clients to do the same. By using the fundamentals principles of Focusing in their therapy, therapists help their clients discover unique and creative ways of tapping into deeper levels of awareness, wisdom and potential.

There is a certification training class in the New England area for psychotherapists and counselors. Please contact Joan Klagsbrun for further information (

Certifying as a Focusing Professional

Focusing is used in a wide variety of  settings, including community wellness programs, coaching, as an enhancement to other bodywork modalities, in schools, in theory development, and many more applications.

Individuals who hold the title of Certified Focusing Professional are qualified through the Focusing Institute to teach Focusing and integrate it with  practices such as bodywork, the arts or spiritual direction/meditation, education and business. Although there are competencies that are standard among all certified Focusing teachers, specialties and approaches will be unique to each  application. For more information please visit our Focusing Specialties and Practitioner Tabs.